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James Kelly indianapolis
James Kelly indianapolis

Self Portrait

“I remember when I was a kid, my dad asked me to copy a cartoon of a donkey’s head from a magazine that was supposed to test your artistic ability.”

Growing up as the middle child of nine kids, I discovered early in life that my secret power was my artistic ability. I would often find myself spending many hours in my bedroom drawing at my desk while listening to the radio. The artists of Mad Magazine were an early inspiration, with one of my favorites being the legendary Jack Davis.


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by Jack Davis

I give much credit to my many art teachers throughout my life, and my parents for recognizing and nurturing my ability.


After graduating from Herron School of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I thought, now what am I going to do! I was talking to my oldest brother John who lived in Denver, Colorado and ran Multi Media Incorporated. He said, "Jim, you need a career path. Why don't you move out here and work for me part time and enroll in the commercial art program at The Colorado Institute of Art?" So I did. And I am so very grateful for his advice. After many adventures and receiving my diploma, I moved back to Indiana where I was employed as a graphic designer and illustrator for nearly twenty years.


I moved back to Indianapolis and refocused my career on my illustrative abilities. When I found a studio for rent in an old chemical lab located on Madison Avenue, I named my studio, Mad Lab Studio. After several years, I moved my studio to the beautiful Garfield Park neighborhood of Indianapolis, and have been producing hundreds of custom pet portraits and many other illustration commissions for happy clients around the world.


Now known as James Kelly Studios, I will be happy to assist you with just about any art project you have in mind.

a look around the studio

the early work brings back memories...oh to be twelve again!

Jame Kelly Portraits
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